Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blackboard Mobile Learn

It's Fall and if you're in college (or graduate school) one (if not all) of your courses probably utilizes Blackboard. Turns out that a lot of the nation's universities have enabled Blackboard Mobile Learn which is a Blackboard app for your Android Phone! If you've ever tried to use Blackboard with your phone's HTML browser, you know it's a pain. Blackboard Mobile Learn is not a pain. It's Blackboard Academic Suite on your phone, for your phone. So get it!

Step 1) Launch your Android Market and search for "blackboard mobile learn"

Step 2) Install and Launch the app and search for your University and log in using your student credentials.

There you have it. You can launch course documents using your phone's PDF reader and quickoffice. You can join discussions, make the posts you need to make... everything.

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