Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rooting Option 2:

If Rooting Option 1 wasn't easy enough for you, it turns out that there is an even easier method... A "One Click" method!

Things you'll need.

1) An HTC Hero for Sprint

The How to's:

Step 1:
download and install this apk to your HTC Hero for Sprint

Step 2: once it has successfully installed, run the app, read the disclaimer, and confirm

Step 3: reboot your phone.

Once rebooted your phone should have Darchstar's recovery and you should be able to boot into it using the reboot recovery method of your choice.

Step 4: use the recovery interface to flash custom ROMs, make backups, restores, etc.

Step 5: go into settings, and turn usb debugging on.

The developer of this app asks that after Step 5, you go into your phone's application settings and uninstall the app that you installed in Step 1.

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