Monday, September 20, 2010

Reseting and Calibrating GPS

If you are running a custom ROM (i.e. zen aria, CyanogenMOD, etc), you may be experiencing GPS location problems. This post explains how to fix things.

What you'll need:
1) GPS Status app (can be found in the android market)
2) Data connection
3) A flat, level surface

How to:

Step 1) Launch GPS Status app

Step 2) Select "GPS & Sensors" (under Settings and Configuration)

Step 3) Select "Manage A-GPS state" and tap "Reset".

Step 4) Select "Manage A-GPS state" and tap "Download".

You will be told that information will download as soon as you have a data connection. Since you've got one, you can bet that the data is (or has) downloaded.

Step 5) Place your phone on the flat level surface and tap "Calibrate roll and pitch".

You're done. You can now launch Maps (or whatever you use) and snap to your location. If you're outside, it should snap to your location right away with very little margin for error. If you're inside, it should snap to quite quickly with a slightly larger margin of error. Either way, your GPS is working again.

And there you have it.

UPDATE 9/29/2010: It looks like if you disable your GPS, then you'll have to reset and download the GPS state every time you re-enable your GPS. Kind of a pain. Hopefully CyanogenMOD will fix this at some point in the near future.

I've also noticed that if you are slightly underground (like in a garden apartment) you might get an inaccurate lock. That's also kind of a pain... I suppose that this GPS "problem" is the main complaint with Cyanogen and other custom ROMs.

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